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As we continue this year of Eucharistic Revival, we would like to invite you to grow closer to Jesus alongside fellow parishioners through the Jesus and the Eucharist study. This study was specifically designed for this Year of Parish Revival, and we will be joining many other parishes throughout the United States in participating in this small group study as we journey together through this three-year National Eucharistic Revival.


Each session is full of rich theological content, powerful testimonies, and unique and timely messages from individual bishops across the country. This is a great opportunity to dive more deeply into the richness of our Eucharistic faith. Small groups work best when organized by the members. If you're concerned about facilitating a group, consider talking to a friend about being the leader, or even better, sharing the duty. We can support you with easy-to-grasp tips and tricks to help you facilitate engaging discussions.


Existing and newly forming Small Groups can participate. Groups are 5-10 people who meet for hospitality, prayer and discussion.


Groups can meet on any topic of interest and are easy to form! If you want to start a Small Group on another subject please feel free to reach out and we can help with ideas and resources.

Interested in leading a group?

You are invited to participate as a facilitator for a group or to host a group. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring “Church into the home.” No special knowledge or extensive training needed. Facilitators simply keep the conversation on track and hosts coordinate hospitality. 


Small Group 101

Please contact Kieran Connolly via email or (503) 707 1091 for more information.

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