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Grades 1-5 Faith Formation: We gather on a monthly basis (typically 1st Monday of the Month) for a family style gathering (a parent must attend with their child(ren)). Each month (October through April)  we will have a different theme and be designed to engage the family together. We will also offer a 1x month family potluck (typically the 3rd Monday of the Month) where families can attend 6pm daily Mass if they wish, followed by a potluck meal to grow in community with each other. The resource fee for this program is $25. Please Note: 6th grades are also welcome in this program if they are the oldest and it feels right for your family!

Contact Kristin Mombert for more information - email 971.217.8935 (call or text)

Grades 2-5 NEEDING a Sacrament: We expect our children (and families) preparing for First Communion and any other Sacraments to be involved with the larger community of faith formation happening above. To prepare for the Sacraments, we will provide a calendar of lesson plans with a curriculum to do at home as a family. Each week, families will be sent an email with reminders and resources. For each lesson plan there will be a short Google form with 2-3 questions for your child to answer (with your help). These are questions that you will do within your lesson plan and will simply aid us in tracking everyone's progress as well as be a place for you to ask follow-up questions. Resources and Google forms will be released in line with the curriculum calendar provided, however families can do this program somewhat at their own pace choosing days and times of the week that work best for their family. Children will be prepared to make their First Confession by January 2023 and their First Communion end of April 2023. The resources fee for this program is $50 (faith formation registration is included in this fee).

This program is currently closed. Registration for our 2023-2024 program will open August of 2023. Stay tuned!

If your child needs Baptism, please contact Kristin Mombert - email 971.217.8935 (Call or text)

2022-2023 Calendar is available here!

Baptismal Certificate Form (for children preparing for Sacraments)

Questions? Please contact Kristin Mombert - email 971.217.8935 (call or text)

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