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Have you ever wanted to pray for somebody, but didn’t know exactly how?

Here is How to Pray with People 101. 


  • Ask “Can I pray with you?”

  • Ask “What can I pray for you for?”

  • Begin with the Sign of the Cross.

  • Ask Jesus/The Father/The Holy Spirit to be present in whatever situation they mention.

  • An easy way to wrap it up is “Let us pray as Jesus taught us: Our Father….”

  • End with Sign of the Cross.


But of course there’s always some helpful hints as to what to say and what not to say, and that brings us to the list of Do’s and Don’ts


  • Don’t: try to fix problems or give advice

  • Do: ask for Gifts of the Holy Spirit, e.g. healing, comfort, peace, discernment, wisdom, knowledge, counsel, understanding, fortitude

  • Do: be ok with using the exact same words they used

  • Don’t: Pray for what you think they need

  • Do: Leave some silence, either before or after speaking


We look forward to continuing to build a culture of unceasing prayer here at St. Juan Diego!

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