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Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is the primary consultative body of parishioners who assist the Pastor in developing the St. Juan Diego Pastoral Plan and keeping the parish faithful to the mission of the Gospel and the Church in the World.


Parishioners now serving on the Pastoral Council:

  • Larry Rocha, Chairperson

  • Art Bahrs

  • Linda Bartle

  • Sonia Contrearas

  • Deanna Hochstein

  • Jennifer Mannino

  • Kathy Marshall

  • Nancy Smith

  • Gary Wilhelms

Admin Council

The Admin Council is a consultative body whose purpose is to aid the Pastor in the administration of the temporal affairs of the parish. This includes assisting the Pastor in developing long term financial plans, and managing the parish’s financial and personnel resources.

Parishioners now serving on the Finance Council:

  • Patrick Kurkoski, Chairperson

  • Doody Boliba

  • David Marcantuono

  • Jan Moran

  • Jerzy Rub

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