Why do we need such a special candle at the Easter Vigil?

Here is what the US Council of Catholic Bishops has to say about the particulars of the Easter Candle (it is also called the Paschal Candle).

What considerations should be given for the paschal candle used at the Easter Vigil?
This candle should be made of wax, never be artificial, be replaced each year, be only one in number, and be of sufficiently large size that it may convey the truth that Christ is the light of the world. The paschal candle is the symbol of the light of Christ, rising in glory, scattering the darkness of our hearts and minds. Above all, the paschal candle should be a genuine candle, the pre-eminent symbol of the light of Christ. Choice of size, design, and color should be made in relationship to the sanctuary in which it will be placed.

Our candles have been made out of 66% beeswax and 33% soy wax blend and is definitely ‘sufficiently large’. How large you might ask? They are 4 ft in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. The candle weighs in at about 9 pounds and if burned continuously it could burn for over 36 hours! How is such a large candle made? Check in tomorrow for more about how Roger is able to make such a huge candle.

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