Where’s the candle?

Well… have a little patience. Roger is still working on the candle. Maybe tomorrow.

The Easter Vigil begins in silence and in darkness. A fire is struck and blessed. The Easter candle is lit from the fire and the fire is spread throughout the assembly, as the candle is processed to the front amid the the acclamation that grows louder:
Light of Christ! Thanks be to God!

The following is a portion of the Eucharistic Prayer that is proclaimed before the Easter light.

Accept this Easter candle,
a flame divided but undimmed,
a pillar of fire that glows to the honor of God.

Let it mingle with the lights of heaven
and continue bravely burning
to dispel the darkness of this night!

May the morning Star which never sets
find this flame still burning:
Christ, that Morning Star, who came back from the dead,
and shed his peaceful light on us all,
your Son who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

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