We have a candle! 1

This year’s candle did not want to come out of the mold easily. Sometimes it just slips right out and other times it is a bit more difficult, requiring a few moments in the freezer and then finally a tug of war. A friend of Roger’s held onto the first few inches of the candle that had managed to slip out of the mold while Roger pulled on the mold. After a few tugs… voila, the candle came out and nobody fell on the floor! Whewwww. I was starting to get worried but it looks beautiful. Now I just have to work on the design. Pictures coming soon.

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One thought on “We have a candle!

  • Aunt Katy

    Bridget, thanks for telling us how the candles are made. Pretty fascinating stuff. We are blessed to have you and Roger in our parish!

    Hmmmmm I wonder who I’ll have to bid against at the next auction to get a Mach/Becker original!! :_)