The Walls Are Going Up

As the walls go up one can see the curvature of the building and its final form. Inside the pictures show the open areas where large windows are located letting in plenty of light and allowing ample views of the natural surroundings. Some parishioners, seeing these photos, may start planning where they want to sit depending on the view out the window. One marvelous opportunity is that when we experience beauty of God in our sacred rites we will also have a view to the beauty of God in nature.

Wiring is being placed in some areas. We are awaiting final permits on the HVAC (heating and cooling) and hydronic systems (the water pipes that will heat and cool the slab in the sanctuary). Also, the plumbing permit is very close to being granted. Then we can pour the small slab for the entry area of the church and put up those walls and roof.

The walls going up

Near the entrance looking toward the southwest windows

Panorama from the entrance

Panorama from south wall looking north toward wall.

Electrical outlet on north wall. Notice steel plates so nails will not hit wires.

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