The walls and roof are up!

The walls and roof are up. In the coming weeks siding will be placed on the walls and the roof will receive insulation and its top surface. But there is still a lot of conduit to be placed on the roof before insulation can be installed. The ceiling has been cleaned and prepped for a clear coat seal that will preserve the beautiful decking.

Workers have poured the concrete for the bases of the light poles in the parking lot and around the church. An “open house” for parishioners is being planned for Memorial Day Weekend. Perhaps on Saturday and Sunday.

I went in the “sanctuary” to chant Vespers (Evening Prayer) one day and it already has a bit of church-like reverberation. But then, of course it is no wonder… it’s a CHURCH! No formal liturgies will be held in the church until Archbishop John G. Vlazny dedicates it on Sunday, October 24th at 2:00PM.

-Fr. John

Outside walls are up
Clear story roof is enclosed

Area above sanctuary where exhaust fans will go

West window has a dynamic shape

Chalk lines on ground delineate baptistry area from entrance to narthex

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