Shrine of the 5th Apparition

Today we took an hour and a half long bus ride north of Mexico City to visit the pyramids of the Aztec’s at Teotihuacan. On the way we stopped at Tulpetlac, where the Blessed Virgin appeared for the fifth time when she cured Juan Diego’s uncle, Juan Bernadino, of small pox. This church is in a humble neighborhood and was pretty in a simple way with a beautiful painting of our Lady hovering over Juan Bernadino as she cured him. Fr John celebrated Mass wearing a special chasuble that had the image of our Lady of Guadalupe on it. The gospel reading (Mark 2:1-12) was the account of Jesus curing the paralyzed man and during the prayers of the faithful, Fr Kerns asked all of us to state the names of people we knew that were in need of healing.

The pyramids were impressive, some of us hiked to the top, and after we visited a cooperative that recreates Aztec art pieces. We learned about the Agave cactus that gave us the fibers for Juan Diego’s tilma. The same cactus also gives us paper, aloe vera, and tequila!

Yesterday was Raquel’s birthday, and as usual the Mexican’s do a great job celebrating! We had a couple of great cakes and learned a new inexpensive way to imitate fireworks.

The weather is doing its job to make us feel at home. It was in the 40s and rained some yesterday but it affects the Mexican’s a lot more than it affects us. We miss you all, but aren’t ready to come home yet.


Deacon Dennis

Happy Birthday Raquel!

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