Caregiver Ministry



“There are only 4 types of people of people in the world – those who have been Caregivers, those who are currently Caregivers, those who will be Caregivers, and those who will need Caregivers”

Rosalynn Carter, United States First Lady, Carter Administration


St. Juan Diego Parish recognizes a responsibility to support the Caregiver as well as the one needing care.  The St. Juan Diego Caregivers Ministry has a mission to support the Caregiver through listening, prayer, empathy, encouragement, compassion and referral.


There are multiple aspects to our Ministry:

  • “The Caring Circle”
  • Respite Care
  • Information Sessions
  • Resource clearing house


Information or access to any of these resources is available through the Parish Office.



“The Caring Circle”

An informal gathering of Caregivers and their loved one being cared for, (where possible), to share stories and experiences in a confidential, intimate and spiritual setting.  Meets quarterly.


“We are here to provide emotional and spiritual support and solace.

In our Caring Circle, the whole premise is based on the fact that mere “venting”, in the right setting, can be very salutary.

And certainly, sharing of our spirituality is an essential element of what Mother Nature, and the good Lord, has given all creatures great and small, to survive and flourish in the world.  It is the cornerstone of our focus.

In the cycle of life, we start out as Care Receivers, progress to Caregivers and we finish, again, as Care Receivers.”

  • Larry Raniere, Parishioner, Member Caregiver Ministry


Respite Care

The St. Juan Diego Caregiver Respite Ministry’s mission is to give Family Caregivers access to caring Ministers who will give them the opportunity to, literally, take a break from their Caregiver services to their loved ones’.  Through a practice of Presence to the individual being cared for, Caregiver Respite Ministers will provide basic, non-professional, short term support to the individual, while the Caregiver tends to their own or other family needs.  Through prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit the Caregiver Ministry hopes to relieve Caregivers of some of their burdens.


Information Sessions

Once or twice a year we will invite Guest Speakers or provide a Parish-wide update to St. Juan Diego.  Watch the weekly Parish Bulletin for details.


Resource clearing house

We have a pamphlet, available in the Narthex, identifying local resources available to support Caregivers.  We also have a list of reading materials and training opportunities that may be of interest: