Called to Protect

All volunteers who work even once with minors must complete a Criminal Background check.

Those working 4 or more times a year with minors must also complete the following:

  • ·Complete the Called to Protect training
  • ·Complete the Standard of Conduct for Ministry with Children and Youth
  • ·Complete an annual online training


What is Called to Protect™?

Called to Protect™ is a comprehensive safe environments program developed exclusively for Catholic ministries, parents, youth, and young children.

Called to Protect™ for Ministries

Those in church leadership carry a special duty to see that all church employees and volunteers are suitable to be in positions of trust with minors and that all church sponsored activities and programs ensure the safety of program participants. Called to Protect™ for Ministries teaches Praesidium’s five-step model for keeping parishes safe.

Called to Protect™ for Parents & Families

This part of Called to Protect™ is designed exclusively for parents. It recognizes that parents are the first and foremost protectors of their children and it gives them the skills and information they need to fulfill this important mission.

Called to Protect™ for Youth

This three part series teaches kids in middle and high school about boundaries, how to identify and stop violations of their boundaries and how to tell their parents or trusted adult.

Called to Protect™ for Young Children

We all understand the importance of teaching children rules, rules about everything from how to play nicely
with one another to how to cross the street safely to how to show respect to their elders.  Called to Protect™ for Young Children extends this common practice to teach young children rules about their bodies with age appropriate concepts.