Pictures from the Open House

The Open House Committee did a great job noting what all the items are in a Catholic Church.

More signs with descriptions of important items in our church.

This picture shows the backside of the altar where you can see the aperture where the relics were placed. The enshrining of holy relics is an ancient custom within the Catholic Church. This practice hearkens to a time when persecuted Christians in the early church would celebrate Mass in the catacombs near the remains of martyrs. Our relics are of Saint Philip of Jesus, Saint John Vianney and Saint Flavia Domitilla.

I wide view of the church during the open house. Acoustical curtains have been hung in the back of church to help absorb sound and provide space for storage.

At the Open House, there were tables set up with descriptions of each of the Seven Sacraments and some of the symbols associated with each sacrament.

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