Off to Cuernavaca 2

Today we leave Mexico City to head for Cuernavaca and will bestaying at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. We will be spending time in retreat and will keep all of you in our prayers.

St. Juan Diego, God’s simple servant, pray for us.
Mary, Our Mother full of grace, pray for us.

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2 thoughts on “Off to Cuernavaca

  • Aunt Katy

    I hope you had a wonderful retreat. I’m sure it was special after all the things you’ve seen and heard about. There would be a lot to contemplate.
    Fr. Pat was preaching on all 8 cylinders Saturday. He’s a great substitute. But we can’t wait to have you home Fr. John!
    It will be good to have you all home and hear your stories and see your pictures.

  • Katie

    Great Blog! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Lots of love from home!
    The Bromert’s

    (Bridget- Andrew missed you today! Sends his hugs and keeps asking about the cats!!)