Mexico City 2

Today we headed out to the Zocolo also known as Constitutional Square. The highlights of the city tour this morning included the Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor (Aztec ruins discovered in 1978) and then Mass at la Capilla de las Animas. We were able to celebrate Mass in a private chapel complete with a roaring round of “Alabare”. During his homily, Fr. Kerns reminded us that God sent each one of on this pilgrimage for a reason; we might not know the reason but we should use this opportunity to listen to God. The art work found in the cathedral was stunning. The font shown below was made of onyx and was beautiful to hear and see. When struck with your hand it had a natural ring. Fr. Kerns after Mass this morning with all the prayer and petitions from our community.
Here we are heading into la Capilla de las Animas.

The Metropolitain Cathedral (above) where we saw the onyx font (below).

After our time downtown, we headed out to Chultepec Park to visit the Anthropology Museum. Here we learned about the Aztec related cultures that existed at the time of the conquest (early 1500s). The picture below show the Aztec calendar. This was the culture of Juan Diego. Now that we have learned about the Aztec culture, tomorrow we will be going to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Guadalupe to connect with the story of 1531, when Mary appeared to Juan Diego.
Saint Juan Diego, help us to recognize the things of God and to live them out in our lives, that we might have wellness of body and mind.

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  • Aunt Katy

    Bridget, thank you so much for the blog! I wanted so much to be with you all (as I’m sure many people did). It will be so much fun to travel along with you and experience a little of what you’re experiencing.

    I post on my nieces blog so aunt katy may show up. I tried to change it but don’t think it worked!

    I’ll wait for your next blog!
    Katy LaDu