Meeting with the Vicar for Clergy

St. Juan Diego parishioners had the opportunity to meet with The Vicar for Clergy, Rev. Msgr. Donald Buxman from the Archdiocese Office of Clergy Personnel on Monday, Feb 11.  This meeting was at the invitation of our Pastoral Council.  Msgr. Buxman wanted to meet with the pastoral and admin councils, staff and parishioners concerning our parish’s vision and needs that we would like considered for our new pastor. Deacon Dennis began the meeting with prayer. We will continue to pray for the next priest who will come and serve St. Juan Diego and for the St. Juan Diego community, that we continue to live out our baptismal calling as priest, prophet and king.

Damian Brayko, chairperson of the Pastoral Council, moderated the meeting and began with a statement from the Pastoral Council highlighting the hopes and dreams for our parish’s future.

Msgr. Buxman then addressed the group to let us know a little about the process and where things are in the cycle.  A recording of the meeting can be heard here.Click Here

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