Lent is coming to an end

As we finish up the candles for the Easter Vigil, I am reminded that Lent will be ending tomorrow evening. I still have a mess on my craft table from working on the candles as you can see in the picture below. Roger has polished the Paschal Candle so it is ready to go for Saturday evening. I’ve decided not to post a picture of the actual candle until Saturday so check back then.

I read an interesting article in this months issue of Living with Christ” which I will include bits of for you to enjoy also.

The Size of the Paschal Candle Early Christians rather naturally viewed the kindling of the new fire at the Easter Vigil as a symbol of the presence of their resurrected Lord, the new “pillar of fire” (see Exodus 12:21-22). Thus, the candle grew in size so as to merit the attribution of pillar mentioned in the Exsultet.

There have been paschal candles weighing more than 300 pounds. In the medieval church they often reached astonishing sizes. For example, the paschal candle at Salisbury Cathedral was said to be 36 feet tall! Remember our Paschal Candle is about 4 feet tall and weighs around 9 pounds.

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