Hot Wax! The candle has been poured

After a few false starts, this years candle has been poured. The first picture (above) shows the burners with the pouring pitchers. Solid wax is put into the pitchers. The pitchers are then placed in a pot of hot water (think double boiler). The wax is heated up to about 170 degrees. Then the wax is poured into a warm mold. The Paschal Candle requires two pitchers worth of wax.

The second picture shows the mold with the hot liquid wax. The mold is actual a clear plastic tube which is really neat because it means you can see the wax as it is cooling. What looks like cloudyness at the bottom of the mold is actually the cooling white wax. Now it is important to “poke” the candle and repour hot wax into the candle as the wax will shrink as it cools.

Say a few prayers that the candle will slip right out of the mold. Hopefully… tomorrow.

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