We are staying in Edinburgh for two nights.  The story of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, is foundational to the national history.  We visited her castle that she shared with her husband, King Malcom, and their sons and was the home of royalty through the ages.

The countryside is very beautiful and the weather has been gorgeous. On the way here we stopped for Mass at Ayr in the Cathedral there. The Canon (Rector of the Cathdral), Rev. Patrick Keegans, was more than generous and had some parishioners prepare tea and home-made shortcake biscuits.  They were heavenly.  And NOT served on paper plates with styrofoam cups, but in cups and saucers and little matching plates for the whole lot of us!  Amazing.  We were quite grateful.

The beautiful countryside of Scotland

 Preparing for Mass with Canon Patrick Keegans at the Ayr Cathedral

 Parishioners of the Ayr Cathedral who prepared tea and home-made shortbread biscuits for our group

 Taken from the Edinburh Castle, formerly the home of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland

 Window depicting the Saintly Queen in the chapel her sons built in her honor

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