Easter Vigil 2011

The Easter Vigil Mass begins at dusk, when it is dark. The fire is started outside and the Christ candle is lit. “Christ our Light” is sung while all the candles are lit, which guide our way into the church. Much thanks for the beautiful pictures which were taken by Richell Chiu, parishioner.

Everyone has a candle that is being lit from the flame of the Christ candle.

Light fills the church from all the candles.

Deacon Dennis carried the Paschal Candle this year.

The baptismal font is up and running with water flowing over the west side of the font into the immersion pool below. You can see the Elect in the purple garments lined up near the far steps of the baptismal pool. They will be the first ones baptized in this immersion pool!

Thomas Aguilar is baptized with the flowing waters by Fr. Kerns.

The new Paschal Candle stand was delivered Saturday around noon. This year’s candle is bigger and heavier than our previous candles; it is now 3 inches in diameter. The center wood section was taken from a tree off of the church property meant to resemble the wood pillars inside the church.

This picture provides a better view of the new candle stand. We also blessed new sacred vessels at the Holy Thursday Mass seen on the altar in the above picture.

If you’d like to see more Easter pictures taken by Richell Chiu, please visit her website.

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