Construction Underway! (see pictures below)

A few parishioners gathered on our property last Monday morning (August 24, 2009) to say a prayer with the excavation crew. Then they set about marking the trees to make sure they cut the right ones. As the cutter said: “I can cut ‘em down, but I can’t put ‘em back up.”

It is bitter-sweet seeing the beautiful and serene forest disturbed. We obviously use many natural resources for food, shelter and clothing. It is comforting to know that some of the trees will be incorporated into our church, such as the pillars. It also reminds us of the mystery of the incarnation.

Jesus, in his divinity, entered the order of nature – human flesh – to live among us. We take from the earth wheat bread and grape wine and they become the body and blood of the Divine Christ. We receive the sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist and we become the Body of Christ in this world and we share in his divinity. We are now taking trees which have kept vigil on this sacred land since before our memories and we will incorporate them into the home of the Body of Christ. These are all attributes of the mystery of the incarnation.

The work over the next few weeks will focus mostly on excavation, firstly by cutting down trees and hauling them away (some to be prepped for our building, most to be sold for other uses). Then they will start grading the property. The hope is to get the “dirt work” done before any big rains, which make messy work of earth moving. So pray for good building weather.

A note about SAFETY: Please do not go on the property and just observe the project from the road or sidewalk. After a construction trailer is on site it may be possible, during construction hours, to check-in with the Superintendent who will issue you a hard hat and let you know where you can and cannot walk on the site. It is all very exciting to see such dramatic changes, but even at this point with logs on the ground and all kinds of debris, there are many tripping hazards. Perhaps we will be able to organize tours as we get more underway. But for the time being, please exercise the most caution. Thank you.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. John Kerns
Parish Priest
(from the letter in the bulletin dated August 30, 2009)

The upper area where the church will be located. Large logs on the right will be used as pillars. (pictured below)

Panoramic view from the lower portion of the property where the parking will be located.

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