Candle from 2008 1

Last year I tried a new technique for the design of the Paschal Candle. A friend at Holy Redeemer was showing me their candle and I was very intrigue by the design. An artist had used thin colored wax sheets to cut out the design and then pressed it onto the candle. Wax sticks to wax very well. So I purchased some of these sheets and got out my exacto knife and began cutting. The upper band represents fire, flames and the Holy Spirit while the lower band represents the waters of baptism. In the middle, we have the cross, current year and the Alpha and Omega symbols. This years candle will also incorporate these thin wax sheets which you will see come Easter.

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One thought on “Candle from 2008

  • FA

    Thanks, Bridget. These posts on the Paschal candle are great. The symbolism is so important that you are doing a great service. I still have the candle that you and Roger made for my ordination. May you and Roger, and everyone at St. Juan Diego have a blessed Paschal Triduum. Fr. Adam