Camp Howard

This year, we had families sign up to send their children to Camp Howard during the same week. We had a get together where we did tie-dye t-shirts and then the Sunday they left for Camp we had a blessing at the end of Mass. Fr. Kerns and Bridget Becker went up to visit the children on Thursday, July 28. Here are a few pictures from the Camp Howard activities.

Blessing for a safe and spirit-filled week up at Camp Howard.

Group picture taken after Mass before they left for camp.

Fr. Kerns with some of the St. Juan Diego campers.

This is a view from where they have campfires at night. As one of the workers at Camp Howard said “How can you not believe in God when you see all this beauty?” AMEN!

Here’s our own C.I.T, Cormac Connolly (in the red shirt). Counselor in Training.

Dinner up at Camp Howard. They learned a different grace each day and one of them very excitedly told me “We get dessert at every lunch and dinner!”

Who is that getting a cougar award?

and another cougar award for St. Juan Diego! Way to go, Mike!

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