A busy day at the site.

Today there was a lot of activity on the building site. The carpenters were putting the clearstory in place above the center of the sanctuary. Eventually a tall cross will be mounted on the highest level (but we have yet to design and then find a donor to fund that). They were also starting to set some of the studs for the northern wall that may go in next week. The plumbers were starting to set the drains for the baptistery that will go to its own drywell, and the bathrooms that will go to the sewer system. And the fire sprinkler crew was preparing the pipes on the ground that will tie into the later-to-be-installed ceiling sprinklers (that should never, and I mean NEVER, have to be used).

View of Church with clearstory above.

View from entrance looking up into clearstory.

Internal panorama of the sanctuary.

Looking toward the West Window.

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