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Today we built the wheelchair ramp for Francis and Vonda Limpy. Francis blessed us at Mass our first day here and got choked up when he said he was grateful because we were building a ramp for his wife. We also went to the Battle of Little Big Horn National
Monument and had Indian tacos for dinner. After dinner Dan Old Elk and his wife and grand daughters spoke to us about their work on the Crow reservation and around the world teaching at risk youth the importance of respect. We head for home tomorrow. Don’t take this wrong parents but your children all want to stay longer!

Pray for our safe travel!

The youth arrived at St. Labre

 In front of their beautiful church. The church honors the Native American tradition and looks like a teepee.
 Because the most important part of the tee pee is the main pole that is where the tabernacle is in this church – under the main pole.
Native Jesus

Installation Mass of Fr. Terry O’Connell

 Fr. Sean Weeks, from St. Pius X, representing the Archbishop, formally installed Fr. Terry O’Connell as the pastor at St. Juan Diego on July 7, 2013.  The Book of the Gospels was presented by one of the lectors.
 Holy Oil was presented by one of the ministers to the sick and home bound.
 A gift of bread and other foods was presented to represent our time, talent and treasure by a member of the Social Justice committee.
 A stole was presented by the chairperson of the pastoral council.
 The Book of Blessings was presented by a member of the Liturgy Committee.

 The congregation gave a warm welcome to our new pastor!
 At the end of Mass a blessing was given to the youth and adult chaperones who will be leaving on a mission trip Friday, July 12.  Please keep them in your prayers for a safe and faith-filled trip.