Monthly Archives: September 2010

Less than one month away from the dedication!

Mike Grant, our contractor, has built the legs of the altar he is donating to the parish. It looks like St. Joseph is building it!

Sidewalk along Springville Road.

Lighting in front of church.

Lights along the sidewalk going to the lower parking lot.

Lighting looking from church toward 178th Ave.

Getting ready to pour the gathering space in front of the church.

Doors and panels that will contain glass separating the narthex from the sanctuary.

Siding on the upper walls in the narthex.

Cabinetry in the mechanical room where there will be a sink and a sacrarium.

Cabinetry in the women’s restroom which will have three sinks.

Exit to patio behind west window.

West window with wood trim on frames.

Close up of wooden framing on west window.

Duct work is almost complete. Baseboards having sealer applied.

Baseboards drying.

Ambry is taking shape near the baptistry.

Landscaping looking toward southeast corner.

Lower entrance is complete, but will be used for emergency vehicles only.
Bioswail looking west from lower driveway.

Bioswail looking east.

The church is taking shape

The church is taking shape.

Sidewalk in front of church is being prepped.

Posts will hold up a fence that will shield our garbage cans and heating unit. Plenty of irrigation for ground cover, shrubs and trees.

Some exterior painting is done. Pray for dry weather so more painting can be done.

Duct work is being framed in and interior painting.

Interior painting at the ceiling.

Fire sprinklers painted to fade in. Structural fixtures painted to stand out.

Walls are receiving primer, then two coats of paint.

Internal west-window framing is of wood.

External west-window frames of metal.

Paint, tile and more!

Excavating for the Entryway.

Paint colors have been chosen (left swath) light brown below, darker brown above and a very dark brown trim (almost black).

The heating and cooling units will be just outside, one on the north side, and this one on the south side.

Tile work in women’s bathroom.
Tile work in men’s bathroom.
Electrical boxes being wired in mechanical room.
The electical cables are big (don’t touch!)

Ken and Karen David and Bob Taylor have just installed the front skirt of the St. Vincent de Paul building. It is ready to have electricity hooked up. It will be painted to match the church. Steps and a wheelchair ramp will also be installed.

Bioswail plantings in lower end of parking lot looking east.

Bioswail plantings in lower end of parking lot looking west.

Installing curbing and sidewalks

At the corner installing curbs and sidewalks. Neighbors will appreciate this improvement.

A sidewalk from the street will lead to the church.
Duct vents are all in place and will be covered with wood siding.

Outside the west window, reflecting the trees, there will be a brick patio filling the entire space between the opposite doors.

Plantings of native vegetation has begun.

Narthex concrete has been poured

Narthex concrete has been poured.

Looking into sanctuary from narthex.

Window framing is up in the west window.

Looking east out of the church from the baptistry. Floor-level heavy aluminum plates will go over the lower font

Duct work is underway to suplement floor heating.

More Windows

The window and doorway being placed behind the sanctuary.

Installing the west window.

The Modular unit has been assembled and the floor reinforced. Next will be hooking up the power and building the accessible entrance. Whose bicycle is that?