2006 Paschal Candle

With one year under my belt, when it came time to design the 2006 Paschal Candle I felt up for a little more of a challenge. Somewhere along the line a very stylized version of the St. Juan Diego icon was created for use by the parish (letterhead, envelopes, etc). See below. I added color to this logo and thought that might make a nice design for the candle. The design can be easily transferred onto the candle. Since the wax is soft you can leave a slight impression in the wax and you just have to paint inside the lines. I put the printed design over the candle and trace the outline with a shape pointed instrument. I use an embossing tool. It works great. Once you paint the design you can no longer see the trace lines. You may have noticed the Greek letters – Alpha and Omega on both candles. I will explain the meaning of these symbols next week… stay tuned!

The pouring of this year’s candle will probably take place this Saturday. If you want to see pictures of the pouring be sure to check back.

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